Collecting First Editions, Rare and Antique Books

selling first edition rare books

Not everything is about selling books, some people are avid collectors of first edition and rare or antique books. Collecting a first edition of a book means that the book was included in the first print run of the book and this is not a second release book of the same type with corrections that have been made. The first edition is exactly that–the first edition, with nothing changed in the manuscript.

Finding a rare book takes effort and a little know-how, but the payoff is worth it. So where do you begin? Searching online at places like ebay, abe books and other online booksellers and forums is a good start. You will undoubtedly turn up a few interesting things, however, you need to know what you are looking for and whether or not it is a genuine first edition or rare book. Using forums also works for rare books and collectibles.

You can also find wonderful first edition books, rare books and antique books at libraries that sometimes sell books if they are downsizing or need room for newer books, at estate sales of older homes and even at flea markets. You can also search online at Abe Books or ebay to consider purchasing books there to sell for a higher price to make somewhat of a profit.

Tips on Buying First Editions or Rare Editions

If you want to land the first print of a book, or first issues, you first need to know how to identify the first edition. Publishers use various methods to denote first editions, so you need to understand these naming sequences.

Some publishers indicate a first edition with the words ‘first edition’ or even ‘first printing’ on the copyright page. Other publishers stick to more enigmatic methods such as descending or ascending numbers. The number in bold usually indicates the book’s edition, so be careful. They may also occasionally use number sequences and the ‘first edition’ reference. For instance, a publisher may mark a book as a first edition, but the number in bold is 3. This means that the book is the first edition, but in its third print.

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