How To Price Your Books For Successful Sales

how to price your book

If you want to start selling books online, you need to know how to price them. Begin by setting an attractive retail price likely to hook buyers – what the book-selling industry calls charm pricing. All you need to do is think in terms of the psychology of the buyer. Some prices have a psychological impact such as prices ending with 99 pence. Use this strategy to get more sales.

In order to know how to set the price for your books, you will naturally have to do some good extensive research; so that you can get the best price when you go about selling your books. This means that before you are able to sell your books online, you will have to diligently do some research about how similar books to the ones you have are priced. Visit some online bookshops or even traditional bookshops that sell second hand books to see what they are listing the price of their books as.

Avoid the mistake of setting the prices of your books that you intend to sell too high in comparison to the prices of the books that your competitors are selling their books at.

If you would really like to make selling second hand books somewhat of a good business for yourself to make some good money and not just as a hobby to earn some extra cash when you need it, then it might be an idea to look into your own website where you can list the books that you have purchased for cheap prices which you intend to sell for profit.

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