Secondhand Bookshop Business

selling secondhand books

A good ecommerce site to get you started in your new second hand book selling business seems to be the EKM Power Shop. You can find their website at By using their service, you will be able to design your very own ecommerce site that will look great and will give you a truly professional edge as an online second hand book seller.

This site will provide you with all that you will require to successfully sell your books online. There is a UK support team that is able to help you along the way and when issues arise.

Failing that – you could look into some of the more common e-commerce solutions out there such as the e-commerce arm of WordPress – WooCommerce. Similar to WordPress but varying in one or two features and cost is Shopify – both are great platforms for any kind of selling and not just restricted to books and both give you options to control your own inventory.

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