Sell Books Online

selling books online

So you have decided that you would like to sell books online and are likely wondering where to sell your books. You will certainly want to make the best amount of money you can when selling second hand books online, along with first edition books, antique books and so forth.

A great place to get started for those selling books online would be to consider using a site called They buy books from you – mostly books that have been published more recently within the last two years, since their clientele seems to prefer more modern books. If you are not just looking to clear out your bookshelves, but also to make a little bit of money, you can try to buy books at flea markets, community sales, garage sales, thrift stores and second hand shops where it seems to be easy to find cheap books. You can later sell the books for a small profit.

There are people who buy books online even for their traditional bookshops. They may be searching for the books that you have to offer. Sure, the bookshops will put a mark up on the price that they paid for your books online, but as long as you have taken into account postage, you will still make a small profit yourself when you buy cheap used books and sell them higher than what you paid for them.

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